Guitar lessons

ATTENTION: You can EASILY Learn How To Play Guitar Fast AND Have FUN While Doing it! 

1. You don't believe that you are capable to learn guitar: Learning guitar is not just for the "naturally talented". If you have the drive and passion for guitar, then you are fully capable to play as your favorite band or guitar player. The only thing that someone who feels "incapable to learn guitar" is really lacking is a clear vision. To become a great guitar player, you need to have your goals made crystal clear with a strategy to get there. Once that is established for you, and you see each step of the way laid out for you, the feeling of being lost and confused will melt away instantly. For my students who have felt this way, they quickly felt relieved when we met for our first free lesson to PROVE that they are ready and able to play!  (see button below)

So why are you still struggling to get past the "beginner stage" of your guitar playing?

3. You're too old to start playing guitar now: FALSE! This is a widely spread misconception that people falsely assume. In fact, there are many benefits that older people have over when they were younger:

• As you age and mature, the mind is typically mature enough to hold an attention span while learning. In contrast, many children struggle to maintain a necessary attention span while learning or building their skills. 

• According to National Geographic, as an adult you will gain the following when you start music lessons: development in memory gains, verbal fluency, better ability to plan, faster information processing, and other necessary cognitive functions. There's no need to fear when it comes to finally learning how to play guitar!

If you have the unnecessary fear of "being too old to learn at this point in life", here is a quote for you to read: 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb 

OR... ​​

Why have you been hesitant to learn guitar in the first place?

• Are you an aspiring or beginning guitarist who wants take your playing to the next level?

​• Are you struggling to learn to play guitar the way you see it in your mind?

• Have you spent hours searching through YouTube videos, tabs, and random pieces of guitar playing advice, and found that you still haven't improved yet?

​• Are you suffering from the trial and error approach to learning guitar?

• Do you want a specialized strategy for YOU and your goals to get you from where you are today to where you want to be? 

1. Believing that as a self-taught guitarist, you can reach your goals: Why do many guitar players believe that they can become great players when trying to learn on their own, yet struggle to get any results? Most self-taught guitarists end up spending hours on YouTube and other online sources in vain, wishing to find the solution on their own. The truth is, if you spend all of your time trying to learn from these unreliable sources, you will struggle to see any results in your guitar playing.

There are many reasons, but here is only a small list of sides effects you will suffer from: You will suffer from unreliable sources, poor methods that do not promote fast learning, misleading information, conflicting information between sources, ZERO personal training, and unorganized structure of content that does not actually match YOUR needs to succeed. Do you know the exact order in which you need to meet your personal guitar playing goals? At this point, you do not. Otherwise, you would not go seeing the solution from many, many, random and ineffective online sources. Working with me, this will be a problem of the past. 

Turn your guitar playing dreams into reality

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, then I can relate from my own past experiences. Scroll down to see how I will solve your guitar playing problems!

Don't Wait Until Your Lesson Slots Are Taken!

2. You have had a negative experience while learning from an unqualified teacher: There is a common thread among most guitar teachers that harms the progress of their students: Poor teaching methods with no sense of lesson direction. If you ever had a guitar teacher, and they start off your lesson journey with the question of "what do you want to learn today?", then you know it's time to find a teacher who actually KNOWS what you need to know in order for you to reach your goals. 

Learning to play guitar with me, you'll get the highest quality lessons in Colville. As an exclusive member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I am trained on the most up-to-date methods of guitar instruction to help people just like yourself! Have you learned from a guitar teacher who is TRAINED how to teach? I highly doubt it, as most teachers are only dedicated to providing lessons rather than results. I am dedicated to providing you results. 

Commonly asked questions:

2. You think that you are too busy to take guitar lessons​Taking lessons with me, you will be provided with a flexible lesson schedule that fits your schedule! Even for very busy people, my method will allow you time to work on improving your guitar skills while working on other like tasks. We will balance and plan time for you to study and practice at home, and accordingly schedule training sessions to keep your skills sharp. This method is most effective in terms of saving your valuable time and meanwhile producing fast results!

1. ​I don't have a guitar yet, but I want to learn!: I'll help you pick one out. :) 

​2. I'm not quite ready to take lessons yet, so I'll wait until I'm good enough to get help: ​This is nonsense :). That's like having the flu for months on end and STILL saying "I will wait for this problem to go away". Guess what happens at this point? It does NOT go away, in fact, it may even get WORSE! The same thing will happen to your guitar playing. You may either try to practice alone without any help (and develop bad habits) OR you will forget to practice working on your guitar skills and end up where you started; zero results and still dreaming about being a real-life guitar player. I'm ready to help you make sure you don't have this problem. :)

3. I'm afraid to learn in front of a real life person! I'm going to embarrass myself, not looking forward to that!: You have no reason to feel nervous in front of me. :) It's going to be fun, and you will enjoy actually playing in front of other people. This way, It will ease you into the real life situation of playing in front of others. It's safe, it's healthy, you will learn MUCH faster, and it's much more fun!!

​4. I've got stubby little fingers/ My fingers are too long/ There is something wrong with my hands, and I'm just not physically able to play: ​There are MANY great guitar players that have all of those problems (some people don't even hands to play guitar with, they play with their feet instead!). So to say that your hands are stopping you from learning guitar is really not your problem. What IS your problem is the fact that you may telling yourself that you can't play! That only leads to keeping your "dreams" of becoming a guitar player as only "dreams" and not your reality. 

5. Where is your teaching studio located?: My Office/Teaching Studio is located in the Town Center Development (Chase Bank building). You can visit my office inside at Suite H3. 

​6. I have no musical experience at all. Is that a problem?: No, not at all. In fact, I will be glad to surprise you with how much potential you really have!